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Ambivalent about gene manipulation

Human Nature
Regissør: Adam Bolt

GENREDIGERING / The new gene technology is putting a lot of risk on patients, parents and researchers. When letting nature take its course becomes controversial, choice itself becomes a problem.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Adam Bolts Human Nature (shown on NRK 3 December and available on NRKTV), with its many awards and awards, sails up as a definitive documentary on the new revolution within genredigering. Many have already learned the basics: CRISPR is a cut and paste technique for genes, which makes encroaching on cells' genes and the inheritance material far easier, cheaper and more accurate than anyone dared to dream 10 years ago. Do we move out on a slant if we allow for such changes, where we end up with mandatory and all-inclusive laboratory control over human reproduction? The interventions are becoming more and more precise, but the societal consequences remain unclear.

To treat gene technology in documentary format is thus a cinematic line dance, since the editing of the documentary material also opens up for dangerous manipulation and unintended effects. The frame story of a boy with a hereditary blood disease is told with an impressive. . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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