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Spirit weak from Stoltenberg

Only the hearing impaired found something to enjoy in the prime minister's New Year's speech.


The most striking with Stoltenberg's New Year's speech was that he spoke very clearly and softly. In an interview afterwards, the Chief of Staff was pleased to say that it was a correct observation that Stoltenberg works a lot to speak more clearly (speak further in the mouth and not in the throat as it says in Einar Gerhardsens Tillitsmannen) and get better diction. The emphasis should therefore be placed on form and not content. But the problem with the New Year's speech became clearer. Stoltenberg spoke to the camera and the Norwegian people as if they were all idiots that one must talk very clearly to for something to penetrate their cardboard.

Jens Stoltenberg is a married child of the Social Democrats. The proof of that is that he uses the word community every time he does not. . .

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