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Accuses the UN

Eritrea criticizes what the country calls the UN's partial attitude to the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia.


In an official statement from the country's foreign ministry on Monday this week, the UN is accused of having "ingrained prejudices" against Eritrea. The key point in the attack on the UN is that the international community has not forced Ethiopia to accept a binding border marking between the countries. The Eritrean Foreign Ministry says this is "terrible" and "a parody of international justice."

The statement also attacks UN Secretary General Kofi Annan for his latest report to the Security Council. According to Eritrea, Ethiopia ignores the agreement reached after the bloody war between these two neighboring countries from 1998 to 2000, something Annan overlooked.

In November 2005, the Security Council threatened both countries with sanctions if war actions flared up again. The Security Council issued a special warning to Eritrea to ease the country on the restrictions imposed on it by the UN forces. Eritrea responded by asking the UN to withdraw its forces from the buffer zone between the two countries. This has led many to fear a flare-up of war actions.

Ethiopia has subsequently withdrawn a number of troops from the borders, while Eritrea refuses to comply with any demands from the Security Council, as all of them are seen as "unfair."

- The sad truth is that all this noise could have been avoided if Ethiopia complied with the peace agreement and the Security Council did its job, the ministry says towards the end of the statement.

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