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This year's Norwegian music books


We are drowning in an avalanche of extensive biographies about the biggest international rock stars, and little Norway is starting to follow. This year, the following is coming out.

  • Sugar cravings by Sverre Knudsen. The bassist in The All Worst publishes a very personal book, which is partly a growing up novel in the shadow of punk's entry into Norway at the tamp of the 1970s, and partly a maturity novel from the 1990s, in the aftermath of the success of a band we will never know. the name of. But that may well be The Very Worst.
  • A good band by Anders Bortne (The Time). The guitarist in Whopper made his debut with the story of the band The Seculars' rise and fall in Oslo and Bergen in the 00's.
  • national satanist by Erlend Erichsen (Damm). The former Gorgoroth drummer debuts what he calls a "split novel" based on the closed black metal environment in Bergen in the early 1990s.
  • hijacker Songs by Erik Honoré (Gyldendal). A music journalist plays the lead role in this fable. The author, known as musician and producer for Velvet Belly and Nils Petter Molvær, also released the album Hijacker's Songs.
  • I love me, somebody has to do it by Pia Skevik (Giga Forlag). The story of a young girl's encounter with the music and nightlife community in Oslo. Skevik is both a DJ on the town and on P3.
  • Guys – On the road with Jokke & Valentinerne by May-Irene Aasen (Damm). The drummer in Jokke & Valentinerne is also a photographer, and this is a photo book about the late Joachim Nielsen – spiced with stories from the band itself and close friends.
  • 101 – A year on tour with Gluecifer by Frithjof Jacobsen (Damm). The author is currently working as a radio journalist in NRK, but here he tells about life as vocalist Biff Malibu in Gluecifer during the European tour in 2004.
  • Leif Ove Andsnes – With the music by Astrid Kvalbein (The Norwegian Society). The first book on Norway's world famous pianist.
  • Norwegian pop and rock lexicon (Vega Publishers). 100 years of Norwegian popular music history, told through over 1500 articles.

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