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Nuclear power is environmentally friendly

Leading environmentalists now embrace nuclear power. 27 billion tonnes of CO2 annually is far worse.

[chronicle] Within the environmental movement, central figures are now beginning to embrace nuclear power. Gaia Father James Lovelock, Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore and Friends of the Earth Nestor Hugh Montefiore all believe that the fear of radioactive radiation is exaggerated and that the alternative to a nuclear renaissance, ever-increasing CO2 emissions, is far worse.

Erle Marie Sørheim downplays this in her review of, among other things, Lovelock's book in Ny Tid on 6 October. If we continue as we are now, we will soon reach a point where we can no longer prevent the climate system from running wild.

In the September issue of Scientific American, MIT professors John M. Deutch and Ernest J. Moniz show that the development of nuclear power plants could account for a reduction in CO2 emissions of between four and. . .

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