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Eight minutes that changed the world

This week is fifteen years since George Holliday bought a new camcorder. It triggered the biggest riots in US history.

[rodney king case] On March 3, 1991 in Los Angeles, Argentine George Holliday woke up by sirens. He picked up his newly purchased Sony camcorder and went out onto the balcony. A black man had been stopped in traffic control and was now being abused by four policemen. Fifteen years later, Holliday says he thought, "What did this man do to deserve such a beating?"

Today, many believe that Holliday should never leave the bed. By then, perhaps 54 people had not been killed, 2383 had been injured and over 12.000 had been arrested.

50 clubs

The video recording of Holliday became one of the most famous in history. . .

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