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Dominique Routhier

Routhier is a regular critic of Ny Tid.

The «smart» interior of everyday life

Sianne Ngai: Theory of the Gimmick
GIMMICK: Sianne Ngai is one of the most original Marxist cultural theorists of her generation. But she seems keen on pulling the aesthetics down into the mud.

An agricultural cluster – a state-of-the-art industrial complex

Eskil Halberg: Packed lunches for the revolution
MAD: The problem is access to food. Everyone must eat to live. If we are to eat, we must buy. To buy, we must work. We eat, digest, and shit.

The question of technique

Mercedes Bunz and GrahamMeikle: The Internet of Things
Things are starting to behave. But the fact that things around us are getting smarter does not necessarily mean that we ourselves are getting smarter, quite the contrary.

The destruction, death and militarization of everyday life

NECROPOLITICS: To leave millions of people to hunger, epidemics, war and escape.

«The disciplinary community was born out of the great plague epidemics»

Achille Mbembe: brutalism
CONTROL: Today, millions of racialized bodies have become redundant in relation to capital's metabolism and enrolled in a digitally mediated nexus of exclusion, control, and destruction technologies. MODERN TIMES here goes into the theme via author Achille Mbembe in three articles.

Cultural-historical monument to the contradictions of the situationists

Eleven Presbyteries: These are Situationist Times! An inventory of reproductions, deformations, modifications, derivations, and transformations
SITUATIONISTERNE: What is the relevance of situationism in and for the digital age, where punk's nihilistic cut-and-paste aesthetic seems to be replaced by trolling and the Internet's meme culture?

The community-breaking project

AVANTGARDE: Mikkel Bolt frames the avant-garde project as distinct from the continuous aesthetic form-breaking of artistic modernism.

A French philosopher in the archives of the counter-revolution

The ungovernable society: A genealogy of authoritarian liberalism: Grégoire Chamayou
Chamayou's latest book is an in-depth analysis of liberal government art.

A perpetual growth curve of incessant technological innovation from Tesla's Elon Musk, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a host of other tech moguls

James Bridle: New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future
Critical settlement with the belief that technology can solve all of humanity's problems in artist and theorist James Bridle's new book.