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Swedish states of mind

Johannes Anyuru: They will drown in the tears of their mothers
Johannes Anyuru's virtuoso novel asks deeply uncomfortable questions about the effects of counter-terrorism.

Escape and love

Mohsin Hamid: Exit West
"Location, location, location," says the real estate agents. Geography is destiny, historians respond. ”From Exit West

Psychosocial revolutionary

Werner Schmidt: Peter Weiss: A life as a critical intellectual
Peter Weiss' political horizon has no topicality. But he was one of the greatest writers of the 1900 century.

Autonomy with Big A

Toni Negri, with Girolami de Michele: Storia di un communista.
The philosopher Toni Negri defends his earlier views in a thorough chronicle of Italian political history.

To spread power

Vaccaro's social criticism is primarily directed at financial capitalism, which earns one percent at the expense of the other 99.