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Knut Stene Johansen

Stene-Johansen is professor of literature at the University of Oslo. The essay is based on a recent small seminar in Italy with MODERN TIMES' editor, Erland Kiøsterud and Lars Holm-Hansen.

Sacher-Masoch and masochism as resistance

In the book Présentation de #Sacher-Masoch#, Deleuze presents a psychodynamic analysis of the German history professor Leopold Sacher-Masoch's novel Venus in Fur from 1870. One of the purposes of the analysis is to draw a distinction between...

The critics

I artikkelen «Anti-Oedipus – Thirty Years On», skriver #Eric Alliez# at Deleuze mener det finnes «a becoming revolutionary which is not the same thing as the future of the revolution, and which does not necessarily...

Deleuze and the philosophy of resistance

ANTI-OEDPUS: It is approx. 50 years since the French book Anti-Oedipus – capitalism and schizophrenia was published. We are therefore printing here a new essay by Professor Knut Stene-Johansens about, among other things, this book he translated from French to Norwegian in 2002. According to him, the book is colourful, a red cloth in the fray of self-congratulatory philosophy and other analytical greats. Anti-Oedipus is an exemplary 'desire machine' – understood as a system of violations. The work displays a strong and constructive opposition to Freudian psychoanalysis as well as traditional philosophy's claims to truth. Their positive concept of desire contrasts with the concept of Freud and Lacan, which is seen negatively as a lack. At the same time: All of Deleuze's texts represent a form of resistance.