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Krutzkoff Jacobsen has recently been employed as a short film consultant at NFI.

About living a philosophical life

Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen is currently working on The Little Book of Life, published by Forglemmegei publishing house. Ny Tid prints an excerpt here.

Gay in the era of late capitalism

Only the anarchists on the left supported them. But it was capitalism that set them free. The gay movement never became part of the labor struggle.

Goodbye, dream castle

A cultural opponent is dead.

A Sodom by the Sea

When the tabloid press visits Thai Pattaya, some vulgar sex tourist is always portrayed. Thus, the fact that the city is a magnet for the martyrs of formation is underlined.

Why are you living this particular life?

About filming – just to discover that nothing is changing.


When you turn fifty, the opportunities for freedom come – but also the consequences of previous elections.

40 – 50 Feet

We have arrived in the forties – the decade when the magic disappears.

30 – 40 Feet

In the thirties there is no prayer: this is where you will have to meet the little child again – what you lost somewhere along the way.