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Lars Øyno

Theater director and writer. See also Theater of Cruelty or Wikipedia

The memories of an anarchist

PROMISE: Jens Bjørneboe has made a storyline where Emma Goldman remembers the many events in her life. Here is a report from Grusomhetens Teater's rehearsal of Red Emma.

About despair and doom

INDIA: The Theater of Cruelty has just returned from India, where they participated in the 12th International Theater Festival in Kerala. We asked director Lars Øyno to reflect on their performance and experiences.

The art from the other side

Is it possible to build a new and completely different society than what lacks empathy? Last year we lost a unique voice in the Norwegian art landscape, which spoke to us from an alternate reality.

The poet who exceeded the poetry

Arthur Rimbaud in Oslo: This is the story of how a great poet could rise even higher: Rimbaud in Africa can represent a turning point in literary history.