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Lene Grimstad

Grimstad is a former journalist in MODERN TIMES, and a board member of Norges Fredslag.

Daisaku Ikeda's Peace Proposal for 2019

PROHIBITION: The world's largest Buddhist peace movement supports the initiative to ban the development and use of autonomous weapons and proposes to establish a group of friends for the ban on nuclear weapons.

Youth with acting power

sustainability goals: The new series Mission Impact shows engaged youth who demand action. It is released first on social media.

Get the Defense home!

Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes emphasizes to Ny Tid why Rødt has four new proposals to the Storting this month. Red wants to reverse the authorities' eagerness to take part in wars of aggression.

Norway is slowing down in its efforts to regulate autonomous weapons

What is the Government doing to help develop new political and legal regulations to ensure human control over killing robots (autonomous weapons)?

When is Norway on the track?

Superpower policy sticks in the wheels of the Arms Convention's work to ban autonomous weapons systems. The Chronicle author from the Norwegian Peace Team calls for Norway's involvement in the case.

Why is the "peace country Norway" sitting quietly in the boat?

Killer robots that can identify and attack a target without human intervention are just around the corner. Technology companies are predicting a "third revolution in warfare" and warning of the risk of international security.