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Næss is a doctor and philosopher. Regular commentator in Ny Tid.

From part to whole in consciousness research

BRAIN: The Feeling of Life Itself addresses the deepest goals of neuroscience – the understanding of consciousness.

Health industrial complex?

HEALTH INDUSTRY: Can Eisenhower's warning against neoliberalism be transmitted to today's health care industry?

Why did I get sick?

Individual medicine and the alternative medical traditions seem to fill a need that the public health service does not meet: to give answers to individuals about causes.

Where does all the health money go?

Doctor Tore Næs is critical of the health priorities of health politicians and asks where all the money allocated really goes.

The dark continent

How inaccessible – or open – can a person's inner life become to others?

Mental health under the Solberg government

Are the government's policies really compatible with their own commitment to better mental health?

The gut is the new brain

Is it progress to let the gut get the place the brain has long had?

Orgastic potency

I now intend to put a preliminary sentence to this column with a theme that is quite close to Wilhelm Reich himself: his concept of orgasmic potency. A fairly common misconception of Reich is that he was ...

The dance of the heart

I must admit that the headline looks a bit bloated when I see it in black and white. Fortunately, not my expression, but something I picked up in a family party quite recently. A distant relative had ...