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Victoria Tømmeraas Berg

The Oil Fund and the Skancke Committee

The question of whether the oil fund should be fossil-free is not new. 

Oil – the industry of the past

Several of the world's politicians and money managers are now turning their backs on the fossil industry for climate reasons. Norwegian politicians talk enthusiastically that Norway must take its share of global responsibility, but in the Oil Fund, investments in the fossil industry seem to continue as before.

Boycott Israel Movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The BDS movement goes a new way in the over 70-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. Underpinned by non-violent principles, they try to push the occupation power to respect international law, human rights and adopted UN conventions. Should they get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Boycott prohibited

With new threats of sky-high fines, imprisonment and charges of anti-Semitism and discrimination, anyone should be discouraged from both participating in and encouraging boycotts of Israel.