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Crucial choice in Azerbaijan

On Sunday, November 6, Azerbaijan will run for re-election. Will the country be hit by the same revolution wave we know from Georgia and Ukraine?

Baku, Azerbaijan. When you land at Baku airport, it is called Heydar Alijev Airport. The name follows you all the time while in the country: in streets, football stadiums, department stores, and clinics.

Bautas are erected in Alijev's memory, large posters in the cities bear his face, and in public buildings he is in photography. From you get up in the morning until you close your eyes in the evening, he is there, even in a small box on TV.

Heydar Alijev (1923-2003) ruled Azerbaijan with an iron hand. He was a Soviet Union man in the country, a member of the Politburo 1982-87 and KGB chief in his home country, and finally elected president in 1993.

When Aliyev died two years ago, it was the now 44-year-old son, Illegal gambler, who took over the presidency. He has no father's charisma at all. His governance is known for corruption and brutality, and he builds his power on the support of police and military.

The opposition. . .

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