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Rejects fight for SV's soul

Despite the protests of profiled SVs against their own government creating divisions in their own ranks, shop stewards on the ground level reject that there is a battle for SV's soul.

One month after the SV took over the government offices for the first time in history, there has been no shortage of issues that have caused it to blow hard at the tops of the party's ministers and political leadership.

And it is not only political opponents or groups outside the SV that have provided the winds. For it is not least profiled SVs who have been in the brink of bitter criticism of their own government.

Most clearly, this has come to the fore when even parliamentary representatives from the SV participated in a demonstration last week outside the Storting in protest of the government's decision to send F16 aircraft to Afghanistan.

But security policy has not been the only thing that has created waves within the SV. The environmental case has also led to breakages.

First, Environment Minister Helen Bjørnøy approved drilling in the disputed Goliath oil field in the Barents Sea, and shut down. Then she blamed her on time, and let the development of the Hatteberg River drain go her way. And this week she hesitated again so that a wealthy shipowner set off with a large chunk of Hardangervidda. Also these things got the SV minister pepper from their own.

When a new deputy leader and party secretary is to be elected during the party's national board meeting in a week, the media debate is first and foremost on which wing of the SV the different candidates belong to.

So what exactly is happening to SV after it has gone from opposition to position? Are the protests against their own government and the withdrawal of leadership candidates indicative of an internal struggle for SV's soul?

- Fueled by media

Ny Tid has called 14 of 19 county leaders and others. . .

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