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Children on the run


According to reports from international organizations, some 200 million people are fleeing and living a nomadic life in today's world. Several spent their entire childhood on the run with or without a father or mother. Many people get sick because of difficult conditions or refusal of asylum applications and thus suffer long-term injuries later in life.

The cause of these problems is known, but it is not easy to detect all the symptoms early.

Children in Norwegian asylum reception: as of 31.12.2003: 5471 children. As of December 31.12.2004, 3315: 30.09.2005 children. As of September 2565, XNUMX: XNUMX children.

Most children are rejected in European countries, wait a very long time for the processing of their asylum application or are forcibly returned to their home country. This causes severe mental ailments and disorders for the whole family and mostly affects young children who live with depression, anxiety and fear in adults. . .

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