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- Children were guinea pigs

The world's largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer is being sued for a total of 58 billion in Nigeria.


By Magnus Borgen magnus.borgen@nytid.no

[trial] On Friday, July 20, the lawsuit begins for two lawsuits in Nigeria, where Pfizer is accused of illegal experimentation with drugs. In the 1990s, at least eleven children died after testing a new drug from the drug company.

- Without permission

In 1996, around 15.000 people died from an outbreak of infectious meningitis in northern Nigeria. The country's authorities claim that Pfizer used children as guinea pigs when the epidemic broke out, by testing out the new vaccine Trovan. The preparation was found to cause severe adverse effects for a number of children. Nigerian authorities claim that around 50 children died as a result of using Trovan, while Pfizer, for its part, claims there is only evidence to claim that eleven children died.

Nigeria claims that the country did not know that it was a previously untested and unauthorized drug, and today believes that it was a gambling with. . .

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