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Stunned and goal-bound

The environmental movement lost the battle for the Barents Sea. They were also stripped of their own arguments, says a scientist.


[environment] Proponents of drilling in the Barents Sea are rapping environmental rhetoric and making the environment an argument for drilling. In this way, the Norwegian environmental movement has lost its own arguments – in addition to losing the actual environmental battle for the Barents Sea. That is the opinion of researcher at Fridtjof Nansen's Institute (FNI), Leif Christian Jensen.

Both oil supporters and environmentalists were apparently disappointed after the management plan for the Barents Sea was presented on Friday. Environmentalists lost – no areas in the Barents Sea are permanently protected.

Jensen recently published the report "Drilling for the environment", in which he has done a qualitative analysis based on around 1200 articles from the Norwegian press. He charts how the drill trailers have used the environment as an argument for drilling:

"It is a misunderstood environmental policy to let the Russians alone set the environmental standard for oil extraction. . .

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