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- Treat the poor with dignity

- The poor need money to survive, but just as important is that everyone has the same right to be met with dignity and respect in all situations, says Ben Borgen and Bjønnulv Evenrud from Slumbyen by Soria Moria.

In two tents just outside Soria Moria in the woods behind Holmenkollen, several people have settled in what they call Slumbyen. Others come with their own tents and spend the night here. They stay there until they receive guarantees from the Labor Party, the Center Party and the SV that they will do something about poverty in the world's richest countries. They have set specific requirements they want to meet before they pack up and head back home. Those who have a home.

The initiators of Slumbyen are Ben Borgen and Bjønnulv Evenrud.

- We see it as natural that representatives of the poor get to meet the Storting as the first when they gather again. And we expect the government to agree with us that the fight against poverty as well. . .

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