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Ask to be investigated

"I very much like to see an investigation into my role in Bosnia," says Hagrup Haukland, who was the commander of the Dutch UN forces in Srebrenica.


Hagrup Haukland, the Norwegian colonel who was sector chief in northeastern Bosnia from April to December 1995, writes this week in an e-mail to Ny Tid that he would like to see his own role in Bosnia investigated:

"I would very much like an investigation into my role in Bosnia to be launched. Investigation of the role of other Norwegians and Norwegian authorities must be answered by the individual and the authorities themselves. ”

Ny Tid has also asked Haukland if he insists that he interrupted his holiday and returned to Tuzla as early as July 10, 1995 when he was informed that Srebrenica was being attacked by the Serbs. The Dutch investigation report claims that Haukland only returned to its headquarters as late as 15 July.

He was also asked to comment on former defense chief Arne Solli's information to Ny Tid that Haukland regularly informed him about the conditions in the sector for which Haukland was responsible, and that Solli and Haukland flew together from Bosnia on June 24 when the Norwegian sector chief began his controversial holiday in Norway.

However, Haukland chose not to answer these questions in the same e-mail.

Thorvald Stoltenberg has also been contacted by Ny Tid on several occasions in recent weeks with a request to comment on the accusations against his work as a peace mediator in the Balkans and demands for an investigation.

Stoltenberg has so far not responded to inquiries from Ny Tid.

Through the acting spokeswoman, Commander-in-Chief Louise K. Bastviken, the Ministry of Defense has responded to Ny Tid's request for comments with the following e-mail:

“The Ministry of Defense considers Norway's role to be in line with the role of other nations that contribute correspondingly to UN missions. In the view of the Ministry of Defense, the case in question has been sufficiently elucidated, and there is nothing to indicate a special investigation of Norway's role. ”

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