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Ask SV to count his victories

The Foreign Minister is urging government colleagues in the SV to count their victories now, not the defeats.

[Afghanistan] – SV has a lot to refer to, and they are part of the red-green vision for foreign policy, said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre to Ny Tid on Wednesday.

Government colleagues in the SV struggle hard to defend the defeat in Afghanistan over their own party.

- SV must count its victories, advises Støre, who earlier this week fronted the government's recognition of the new Palestinian unity government.

- Does this especially apply to Palestine?

- Yes, this applies to Palestine, among other things, and not least the closer connection between foreign and development policy. I fully support politics and I can say clearly that it bears all the parties' core characteristics. And there are many examples of important issues for SV being followed up, such as that we are now at the forefront of humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, and our leading role in the fight for an international ban on cluster munitions, to name a few, says Støre.

Electoral researcher Frank Aarebrot at the University of Bergen believes that the SV would have seemed more successful as a government partner if the party members had been less overtly critical of the party leadership.

- Lysbakken and co are happy to stand out. One has a party that shouts to the leadership: Here is a camel. Eat it! Then voters notice them. The Center Party, in contrast to SV, shuts up when they do not. . .

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