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Prepared for criticism

It is not the fault of the party leadership that the left side of the SV is not in government, says Development Minister Erik Solheim. He himself will do his utmost to implement SV politics in position.


- Congratulations on the new job. Our little insight into the day today, shows that you have hardly had time to try your new chair. What is job number one for you now?

- It is difficult to come up with a program statement the other day, because the first job is to get me into all things, Solheim smiles sincerely. He has left the sweater at home today, but reports that the tie will only last the first week.

- I want to adopt a listening attitude, both here in the ministry, towards SV, the development aid community and others. There are many who know more than me, from whom I must learn.

- But then when you've done it?

- Then of course I have a lot of political baggage with me with the Soria Moria declaration. Everything . . .

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