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The aid organizations want course delivery

The development assistance environment is cautiously optimistic and has clear requirements for the new government's foreign and development policy. The most important demands are a new course in development aid policy, a stronger focus on children, the environment, peace, trade and indigenous peoples – and better cooperation between the various ministers.

- The government declaration adjusts current policy in a direction we largely agree on. The obligation to work for an international debt court and to cancel illegitimate debt is important, as well as that there are no requirements for privatization and liberalization as a prerequisite for debt relief and loans , says Secretary General Atle Sommerfeldt of Norwegian Church Aid.

The aid community is following the new government with an arguing eye. Ny Tid has spoken to representatives of 15 of the Norwegian organizations. The trend is clear: They believe that the appointments of Erik Solheim as Minister of Development and Jonas Gahr Støre as Minister of Foreign Affairs form a good basis for a critical dialogue in the future. Several praise Hilde Frafjord Johnsen for her commitment, but believe that the new ministers can stand for better cooperation within the ministry. . .

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