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Right after the triple murder in Oslo, inclusion minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen said: "It is a problem for us that parts of the Pakistani environment in Norway in no way assume that they live in a western democracy with clear values".


Why did you choose to talk about lack of integration before anyone knew what the motive for the sister killings at Kalbakken was?

- It is always very difficult, but I have been very careful all the time to emphasize that I would not comment on that murder case. There is a general debate about integration and family reunification in Norway, and I must be present in the arenas where it is debated.

But when you are invited to the debate the day after a triple murder, is it clear that it will be the starting point for the debate?

- It is of course difficult to participate in such debates, but it is even more problematic not to be present.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this is a lot about psychiatry. How then does it feel to have been competing with Frp to talk about cultural differences?

- I believe, completely independent of the triple murder, that it is important to discuss aspects of the immigrant communities in Norway that have attitudes to violence in close relationships that are not acceptable.

But there's a time for everything, isn't it?

- It does. The government will soon conclude in connection with the new Immigration Act, so the time for this type of debate is now.

Minister of Justice Knut Storberget made it clear this week that we must wait with the integration debate before we know what this is for. What is it like to be reprimanded by a ministerial colleague? – I have talked to Knut and I completely agree. We cannot link this issue to the integration debate.

If it is not a reprimand to say that one should not take the debate you participated in the day after the triple killings, then what is?

- According to Knut Storberget. . .

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