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Blue-yellow settlement of Norwegian democracy

The Bondevik government will use the GATS negotiations to dismantle important parts of Norwegian democracy – in secret.

The Government has converted recent majority decisions in the Storting into Norwegian offers to other countries in the negotiations on trade in services (GATS). Through GATS, controversial Storting decisions will be locked for all time to come – unless there is another majority in the Storting on 12 September.

Norwegian society has turned dramatically in the market liberal direction since 1980. The Bondevik government has been pushing market liberal reforms on field after field in a momentum that has outmaneuvered all effective resistance in society. With the support of the Progress Party, the government has had a majority for a market liberalism that generations of Right-wing politicians could only dream of.

If there is no new majority in the Storting, future generations of voters can look far to liquidate important parts of this market liberalism. This is to be ensured by GATS, the WTO Agreement on Trade in Services.

Offers on behalf of Norway – for all time to come

In March 2003 – after strong pressure from the Socialist People's Party and the Center Party – the government presented an overview of what Norway offers other countries in the negotiations. . .

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