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- Conservative policy is based on SV proposals

It is SV himself who supports the contentious proposal that the police can imprison asylum seekers for up to 72 hours. FRP supports the little-known SV proposal, while RV's Erling Folkvord believes the party has justified this new discrimination.

Throughout SV's history, international solidarity has been strong. But so far in the election campaign, the issue has not been correspondingly high priority, despite the promises in the party's work program. When Oslo SV wanted to address the issue of international politics and the situation of minorities, the local team had to print their own brochure. The reason was that SV centrally chose to prioritize such topics in its election campaign material.

It is the prospect of government power, a red-green collaboration with the Labor Party and the Center Party from September 12, which is cited as an explanation for the lack of it.

- Many of SV's members see international solidarity as a core issue for socialists. But this was not central as the three parties were to sum up which points they had agreed on in the past. . .

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