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- SV's policy is copied

Veterans Stein Ørnhøi and Kjellbjørg Lunde fight back against allegations that SV adheres to Ap. in foreign policy.


In the last couple of weeks of the election campaign, it has been increasingly argued that the SV has approached the Labor Party too much. Although the polls still show a clear majority for the red-green government cooperation, an AP approach has been used to explain the decline of the SV in the polls.

In Tuesday's Dagens Næringsliv, Kjetil B. Alstadheim summed up the general media descriptions as follows: "SV's fall has been partly explained by SV leader Kristin Halvorsen having made the party too vague by placing the party too close to the Labor Party, for example in foreign policy."

Election researcher Bernt Aardal pointed out to DN rather the opposite tendency: Namely that Labor. has approached SV, for example by profiling itself in the poverty debate, "distribution policy and social policy".

SV chief Stein Ørnøi, former SF leader and a central strategist behind the current red-green cooperation, similarly believes that rather

- In a number of key areas in security policy, it is the other parties that have followed in SV's footsteps, and not SV that has laid flat, Ørnhøi tells Ny Tid.

He believes that the claim of the SV as the party that will create problems for Norwegian foreign policy is a false issue. Ørnhøi points out three important areas where he believes that SV's line has won:

- In both Iraq politics, in the question of our participation in international actions and in the High North policy, we have seen that the other parties choose to. . .

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