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- Trying to hide the truth

- Some try to hide the truth about Norway's role when Srebrenica fell, says one of the officers who was subordinate to sector manager Hagrup Haukland.

A source close to the events in Tuzla when the Norwegian colonel Hagrup Haukland had command of the Dutch UN forces in Srebrenica believes that some are trying to hide the truth in relation to Norway's role in the fateful days when the UN-declared "safe zone" fell and Thousands of Muslim men and boys were massacred.

- It has amazed me for a long time that the Norwegian commitment in relation to Srebrenica has not come to the table before. It was not even a Dutchman who was commander of the Dutch UN forces in Srebrenica, the commander was Norwegian, says the source, an officer who was in Haukland's multinational staff in Tuzla in 1995.

The links between the Norwegians in Tuzla and the Dutch in Srebrenica also had several legs to stand on. The Norwegian force was responsible for the supplies of the Dutch soldiers in the Muslim enclave.

Several officers who were in Haukland's staff now tell Ny Tid that the Norwegian sector manager did not "return immediately" from his controversial holiday in Norway when he was told that the Serbs were attacking Srebrenica.

Haukland himself says the following in an e-mail to Ny Tid: "I would very much like an investigation to be launched into my role in Bosnia."

- Disappointed with Haukland

One of the officers that Ny Tid has spoken to, and who does not want to appear in public, tells Ny Tid that he can testify that Haukland, who was sector commander of the UN forces in northeastern Bosnia with headquarters in Tuzla, did not return immediately. to Tuzla from a holiday in Norway when he was told by his deputy commander that Srebrenica was about to fall into Serbian hands.

- I can confirm that Haukland was not there. Haukland was a very good boss. I am therefore very disappointed that he does not admit it and says it as it was, that he did not return to Tuzla as soon as he was notified of the crisis in Srebrenica. For this he knows, he remembers everything, says the officer, who believes that Haukland. . .

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