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- I can not give you an answer to that…

Councilor Mona Juul believes she is not in a position to answer for documents that should have been in the Foreign Ministry archives.


- The only thing I could give you tips on would have to be Fafo. They were involved as facilitators in this process here. A tip could be that you possibly got in touch and hear if there is anything there?

- In that way, maybe I could talk to your husband, Terje Rød-Larsen?

- Yes, you are welcome to do that, but what he has of… you can only listen to Fafo if there is something there.

- But you who have good experience with this, do you think it is strange that there are no documents on this in the Foreign Ministry's archives?

- No, you have to have a certain understanding of what type of project this was. These were secret negotiations between two parties. Documents in that sense have a somewhat special status, they were not our documents. And of letters that when the Foreign Minister possibly wrote and did not write, I can not answer that either.

- So you simply mean that it may be natural that there are no documents in the Foreign Ministry's archives?

- Yes, absolutely, at least I do not think there are any conspiratorial explanations for it, not at all.

- But when Holst writes a letter in Tunis that you and your husband bring to Peres in Israel, is it not really an official letter that should have been in the Foreign Ministry's archives afterwards?

- These are questions that I do not. . .

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