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- Extraordinary of Norway

Representative for peace organization in Sri Lanka boasts Norway's role.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always maintained a low profile in relation to criticism of Norway's role. Nor will the Ministry provide any response to criticism that has been raised from various quarters in Sri Lanka to Ny Tid. In an e-mail, information consultant Cathrine Andersen writes the following:

"Norway is involved in the process because both parties have requested it. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no comments on the criticism and the accusations that you refer to beyond what political leadership and others involved in the work from the Norwegian side have stated in the media in various contexts. "

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives Ny Tid the name of some contacts in civil society in Sri Lanka that the ministry believes can provide analyzes of the peace process and views on Norway's role.

One of them, Kumar Rupesinghe in the organization Foundation for Co-existence has only good words to come in relation to Norway.

- The Norwegians have played a deep plowing role in getting the ceasefire agreement signed. The war, which had lasted for two decades, and which cost the lives of over 60.000, turned over a million into refugees and led to immeasurable material destruction, is over. The peace that is widespread in the country has made people live without fear, and the economy. . .

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