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- Let's call it hatred

Jude hat is a book about the darkest aspects of European culture. Co-author Håkon Harket warns against old prejudices being allowed to characterize legitimate criticism of Israel.

They were accused of taking the life of Christ and rejecting salvation. They were accused of being behind regular ritual killings on Christian children and quenching the thirst with Christian blood. They were accused of starting plague epidemics and poisoning wells. They were called traitors, criminals, poison snakes and devil angels. They were cursed for being behind capitalism, liberalism and communism, and for being the origin of Christianity. They were trampled on because they were poor and smelly, and they were trampled on because they were rich and powerful, because they could not integrate, and because they allowed themselves to integrate.

Some have said they want to take over the world, others that they already control it – and that they. . .

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