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- Poisoned agent is lying

- Litvinenko is not to be trusted, says Anna Politkovskaya's editor.

There is no connection between the poisoning of former KGB and FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko and the murder of journalist Anna Politovskaya, says Roman Sjleinov, editor of the newspaper Novoya Gazeti, to Ny Tid.

On October 19, Litvinenko told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind the killing of Politovskaya. Litvenko was poisoned at a London restaurant earlier this month, fighting for life at a hospital in the UK's capital. He claims he was attacked by Russian authorities.

Litvinenko is constantly making allegations about Russian intelligence. That he was poisoned is terrible, but there are no indications that he is important enough for the FSB to take his life, Sjleinov believes.

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