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- The others are wrong

Åslaug Haga goes straight to the throats of those who suggest that regional reform is not solid and historic.


Municipal Minister Åslaug Haga boasts a "solid and historic regional reform". Yet criticism from neither political friends, enemies nor commentators has been lacking. It's been a couple of weeks since the press conference, maybe Haga is a little less generous with the superlatives?

- It is historic that we now manage to transfer so much power and authority to a popularly elected level. We must assume that people have tried this for over 20 years. So no matter how you turn it around, it is historic that we now turn the trend around, says Haga.

- But both red-green politicians, political opponents and political commentators believe that this is too bad. There is talk of a gift package for those who want away the county municipality?

- This is the best it has been. . .

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