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- We attract attention

Electric cars are not just environmentally friendly. They are also cheaper to operate than petrol cars.

Small, square, and some sink in traffic. But electric cars need not be boring. Nurse Kathrine Myer Svendsen and medical student Bjørn Egil Andreassen got their electric Kewet Buddy lacquered.

- It's our own design. It's fun to put a little personal touch on the car, which reflects us as personalities. We had seen pictures of buddies painted with a floral pattern, but Bjørn thought flowers were a bit femi, says Svendsen.

Bjørn Egil Andreassen instead found an old car track car that was the favorite when he was little, took it to the importer and said that they wanted a pattern on their car. Svendsen says that flame painting attracts attention, and that many point and smile when. . .

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