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- Racism

Norwegian media's focus on skin color in rape cases is outrageous, says Oslo City Council leader Erling Lae.


[stigmatization] Oslo City Councilor Erling Lae (H) has in recent weeks been strongly involved in the rape debate. In Ny Tid last week, the organization Men Against Violence (MMV) launched a proposal to publish the names of all convicted rapists. Lae does not support the proposal, but believes that such a publication would have helped to correct the media's focus on perpetrators with a foreign background.

- The media's presentation is outrageous, Lae believes. Statistics Norway (SSB) has previously criticized the Oslo Police's rape statistics. Statistics Norway's most relevant statistics show that almost nine out of ten who are convicted of sexual crimes, including rape, have a Norwegian background.

Herdis Magerøy at Dixi rape center thinks the proposal from MMV is interesting.

- I am sure that publication will have a particularly preventive effect, she says, but believes that other proposals must be tried out first. – More rapes must be reported and the reports. . .

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