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- King criticism shoots over targets

The King can comment on political issues, but not party politics, says Inge Lønning (H).


[king] Has the King and the royal family gone beyond their role and become too politicized? Yes, according to Trond Nordby, professor of political science at the University of Oslo.

After King Harald's comments on his missile quarrel between Russia and the US during his visit to Finland, Nordby felt that the King was getting too hot in the political jersey.

"The king's political role was abolished in 1905, but now we are seeing drips where the king again takes on a political role. He breaks the boundaries he should stay within, ”the professor told Dagbladet.

Nestor in the Right, parliamentary representative Inge Lønning, believes Nordby is shooting above targets and is constructing a debate in relation to this matter. But he thinks it is important that the King and the royal house distinguish between politics in a broad sense and party politics.

- I have criticized Ari Behn for flagging his support for the Labor Party. The royals are not to flag a particular party. But that the royal family speaks out on political issues in a broad sense is good. Already King Olav found a good and correct balance in this area in his speeches. For example, he warned against racism against our new compatriots. But he never said that this or that party had the best or worst immigration policy, says Lønning.

He believes that King Olav's good attitude and boundary have characterized all the kings, and characterizes Crown Prince Haakon.

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