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- Immigration will increase

History professor and SV's Knut Kjelstadli calls for a broader immigration debate in SV, but strikes back against Astrups and Høyre's policies.

Minerva editor and Conservative politician Nikolai E. Astrup accused in last week's Ny Tid article in the left that he had failed the immigrants and the poor. In the same newspaper, SU leader Audun Herning supported him in the desire for free immigration and a clearer SV.

Professor Knut Kjeldstadli has for many years worked on issues such as labor immigration and asylum and refugee policy in the SV. He has also written the history work on Norwegian immigration history.

Kjeldstadli is also calling for more high-level thinking and debate on these issues, both in the SV and in the Norwegian social debate otherwise.

He points out that both labor migration and asylum and refugee policy are comprehensive and important issues.

- Such questions are important to discuss. First, because global migration is a historical fact that will last. It is not a "case" that one can solve and be "done" with. . .

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