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- Civilian lives can be lost

- Guarantee against civilian losses can not be given, says Einar Steensnæs (KrF), who is open to Norwegian soldiers being sent to war. – It is not acceptable to bomb civilians, Kristin Halvorsen (SV) answers, and rejects that the UN Security Council has given the United States blank authority.

Head of the Storting's Foreign Affairs Committee Einar Steensnæs and committee member Kristin Halvorsen deeply disagree with how Norway should respond to the terrorist attack against the United States last week.

While the SV leader reacts strongly to the perspectives prevailing in the other parties to the Storting, the KrF nestor's message about US support is very clear:

- We must resort to military action if we are to overcome the terrible forces that stand

behind the terrorist campaign in the United States. Resolutions and statements are not enough. We assume that the military actions are hitting the forces of evil.

- So civilians are not going to be bombed?

- It is of course impossible to guarantee that civilian lives are not lost, Steensnæs answers.

- The perspective on what works in the fight against terrorism is completely drowning. We need to be concerned about what works in the long run. SV is against a US action in Afghanistan, which could affect civilians and lead to a very dangerous situation in the world, says Halvorsen for his part.

- No blank power of attorney

On Wednesday night, the UN Security Council, of which Norway has been a member since the New Year, adopted a resolution (1333) which in clear text demands that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan extradite Osama bin Laden immediately. . .

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