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Become a desktop contractor

Save the world from your own living room. Currently only as PC games.


[video game] In the game Village the Game you can play local entrepreneur in a developing country. Daniel Hickman, creator of the game, will show how it is possible to develop profitable business in the third world.

- Computer games that increase awareness of the problems in the third world pave the way for games that increase awareness of solutions to the problems. This is exactly what we do with Village, Hickman believes.

Hickman refers to Darfur is Dying and Third World Farmer as examples of games that have helped raise awareness of the problems of the Third World.

- It has been incredibly cool to follow this trend, he says.

This summer, Ny Tid wrote about news games, or «newsgaming», ie games used for political influence, where we mentioned Darfur is Dying, among other things. Hickman believes the games have an important function, but wants to go a step further with Village.

All the organizations you partner with in the game are in reality, and you can buy water pumps and solar cells, and record

micro-loans from companies that specialize in tools for just-contractors in developing countries. Hickman's idea was originally to create a website that gives users the opportunity to be entrepreneurs in developing countries properly, while at the same time sitting at home in their own living room.

- Imagine using Google Earth to zoom in on a remote village in Peru and see which plots. . .

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