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Being accused of pat hunting at UDI

SOS Racism believes that Erna Solberg and Bjarne Håkon Hansen witch hunt against the Directorate of Immigration.


[asylum] – Erna Solberg and Bjarne Håkon Hanssen have been at the forefront of a dirty campaign, says Ola Melbye Pettersen.

The deputy leader of SOS Racism is not gracious in his judgment in connection with the investigation by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI). The Graver Committee's report was submitted on Monday, May 22, and immediately led to Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen resigning as UDI director.

- Solberg and Hanssen have appeared on debate programs on television and talked about how shocked they are about the scandal in the UDI, and they have threatened Nordby with legal prosecution. The "scandal" that VG revealed in March is not a scandal at all, says Melbye Pettersen.

He refers to Section 8 of the Immigration Act, which states that it must be considered whether there are strong human considerations when processing asylum applications.

- For a group that has lived in Norway for six years, and could not be sent back to Iraq due to the war, there were clear human considerations that spoke in favor of residence. In this case, the UDI did its job and granted residence to 182 Kurdish asylum seekers, he says.

These are the losers in the UDI case, says the deputy leader of SOS Racism.

- Once again, the 182 Kurds from northern Iraq are thrown into the insecurity they have lived under for six years, says Melbye Pettersen.

The deputy leader of SOS Racism is most disappointed with Labor and Inclusion Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen.

- By insisting on supporting the criticism from Solberg, he and the government have backed the policy that SOS Racism and other refugee organizations have spent four years fighting against, says Melbye Pettersen

Did not know he was on the list

[stay] Two weeks ago, taxi driver Ismet Abdul-Rahman Mustafa learned that he was on the list of the 182 Kurds for whom the Immigration Directorate has granted amnesty. Now he feels uncertainty about his future.

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