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Blogs across borders

Israeli and Lebanese bloggers are not just shouting at each other. Some carve peace agreements. The bloggers participated from the outset in the war in the Middle East. But between hate and misery descriptions, there is peace: "If we try to understand each other better, we may be able to build a better future where each of us can enjoy life – I say this to Israelis as well," the Lebanese woman writes. Loli »at Lebanesebloggers.blogspot.com. 45 percent of the population in Israel is online, while among Lebanese the figure is 13 percent.


[online dialogue] Several bloggers note how good it is that there are "sensible people" on the "other side", and describe a new trend. "Lirun", an active, 30-year-old Israeli blogger who lives in Tel Aviv, tells Ny Tid that the comments have changed in the last week.

- People come with news, facts and views more to discuss, less to bombard each other. . .

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