Theater of Cruelty

Bombs and grenades

The government's relationship with cluster bombs is double moral at its worst.


[9. June 2006] This spring, Norwegian children and adults have learned a lot about cluster bombs. Through large advertising posters we have been forced to think about what it means to lose a leg or a brother. We adults have quietly explained to children why many victims of cluster bombs only need one shoe. Between 5000 and 10.000 children live without a foot or an arm due to class-


The government has highlighted its opposition to cluster bombs. In the Soria Moria Declaration, an international ban is the goal. So far everything. But then it became known that Norway also has cluster bombs as part of the defense. Specifically, 53.000 grenades with cluster munitions. Then the government's view of cluster bombs was no longer crystal clear. Defense Minister Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen became the mistress even as she embarked on explanatory models with kind and bad cluster bombs. She was right

accused of double standards.

Now is the time to accuse Bjørn Jacobsen of the same thing. On Tuesday this week, SV's defense policy spokesman wanted to prevent the French weapons and technology companies EADS and Thales from getting a billion agreement in Norway, because they are involved in the production of cluster bombs and nuclear weapons. Today, Ny Tid reveals that the Armed Forces is starting the construction of a new field at the Eastern Norway Regional Field. The field will be used for testing cluster bombs. In addition, the Defense

the ministry said they would allow allied countries to test their cluster bombs in the field.

Jacobsen now shows that he also knows the art of fog laying. He says right enough that he wants to work towards the creation of the new field, but he does not want to stop testing cluster bombs. Instead, he creates a distinction between testing and rehearsal. This way the new field goes wrong, but further testing on the existing field at Hjerkinn is perfectly fine. Of course, this is just nonsense. If we are against cluster bombs, we must also stop using them. Everything else is not just double standards, but hats.

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