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Broken promises

The red-green government should have chosen another slogan: More people on social security!


[8. September 2006] The Government's message at the press conference on Tuesday, September 5, will go into history as one of the biggest breaches of promise any Norwegian government has made. It is two years since Jens Stoltenberg called the Bondevik government "hostile" because they would give a larger part of the sick leave bill to employers. At that time, the Labor leader demanded that there would be no changes to the sick pay scheme. Now Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg wants to reduce a double the share of the bill to employers as the KrF did.

The plan for a more inclusive working life (IA) embraces all parties in working life and seeks to meet three commendable goals: To reduce sickness absence, include the disabled and make it easier for the elderly. . .

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