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CIA aircraft at Gardermoen

This CIA plane has been at Guantanamo Bay at least seven times. Barely four months ago it landed at Gardermoen, Ny Tid can reveal. The aviation authorities have not informed the government about the United States' controversial and unknown use of Norwegian airports.


In the middle of Dagsrevyen, Wednesday 20 July this year, a Gulfstream III rolled out on the runway at Gardermoen. The aircraft, which has the characteristic "N50BH", is white with a black belly and black stripes on the side. Apart from the registration number, nothing is on the plane. At 19.22 the plane takes off from Gardermoen and sets course for Le Bourget Airport in Paris. The information was confirmed on Wednesday by Avinor, which has an overview of all aircraft landing in Norway.

According to the US Aviation Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), this aircraft is owned by the company Crystal Jet Aviation with address in the city of Albany, New York.

This week, Avinor can at the same time state that 12 of the aircraft that the Danish Minister of Transport, Flemming Hansen, has confirmed have flown Danish air territory, have also been in Norwegian airspace (see separate fact box).

The Gardermoen aircraft "N50BH" is linked to the CIA through a number of assignments, writes Chicago Tribune. The reason for this is that all planes landing in the United States are automatically registered on sites such as – one of several commercial sites that pass on the information the FAA collects from aircraft using US airspace and airports. The historical overview shows that this Gardermoen aircraft has been on Guantanamo Bay at least seven times since 2002.

Ny Tid has had a list drawn up showing several of the dates the CIA plane has been at the US's controversial prison base in Cuba. The

When "N50BH" landed at Gardermoen this summer, it must have been on assignment for the CIA. The plane is on several of the lists that newspapers such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and others have dug up over airlines and planes that the CIA makes frequent use of.

Guantanamo Bay is a military area and no civilian or commercial aircraft have access to the runway at the base. According to American newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, this means that the "N50BH" has been used for one or more state flights to Guantanamo Bay, where the Americans are holding some of their terrorist prisoners captive. The newspaper emphasizes that these flights may be commissioned by the CIA and / or other government institutions.

The aircraft follows the rules of the "Visual Flight Rule", which has been prepared by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The reason why one chooses to fly under such rules is that they have more freedom to fly whenever they want, where they want and how they want. With the exception of these, these aircraft must follow normal traffic rules in the air. The Civil Aviation Authority informs Ny Tid that they do not know whether the CIA-affiliated plane had terrorist prisoners on board when it landed at Gardermoen in July. Information director Robert Haast states that they have not informed the Norwegian authorities about the CIA aircraft, since they have not been aware that the Gulfstream aircraft "N50BH" is said to have been affiliated with the CIA.

In recent days, Ny Tid has followed the flight route to "N50BH" on After staying in the southern United States – including Houston – the plane headed for the northwestern United States on Tuesday, including Teteboro Airport near New York.

The CIA aircraft has on several occasions been in the Norwegian airspace. This happened on June 23, 2002, when the aircraft flew from Ørebro in Sweden to Keflavik in Iceland.

Common denominators

In Ny Tid on 14 October, we were able to reveal that the CIA has on several occasions used Norwegian airspace in connection with its operations. But it has not emerged before that CIA planes have also landed on Norwegian soil.

Avinor confirmed a month ago that the two Gulfstream aircraft "N379P" and "N227SV" have been in Norwegian airspace. Both are used to transport prisoners to and from the controversial Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba. Norwegian authorities have officially protested against the US treatment of prisoners on the island, but according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not taken up these planes with the Americans.

"N50BH" at Gardermoen has common features with several of the other aircraft that are linked to CIA operations and which are said to have passed Norwegian airspace, such as the Gulfstream IV aircraft "N227SV."

The owner of "N227SV" is Assembly Point Aviation according to the FAA. Assembly Point Aviation is directly linked to the CIA-controlled network of civilian airlines and airlines. The common denominator is Richmond Aviation, which according to a number of sources, including, is responsible for renting these two aircraft.

While it is still possible to follow the movements of the Gardermoen aircraft "N50BH", the owners of "N227SV" have blocked all information about the aircraft's movements. Neither the US Embassy in Oslo nor the CIA has wanted to respond to inquiries from Ny Tid about these planes being printed by the newspaper.

Prisons in Europe

There have been suspicions for several years that the United States and the CIA have set up their own secret prisons around the world. In recent weeks, it has emerged that several of these prisons will be located in several Eastern European countries, the Washington Post has written. According to the newspaper, the existence and location of the prisons is top secret. Only a few have knowledge of the prisons, and in documents these are only called "black sites". According to the Washington Post, usually only the US president, some in the CIA and a few top security officials in the host country know about the prisons.

However, by following the many aircraft over which the CIA has control or leases, it has succeeded in locating the countries where the CIA has unusually large activity. What happens in these prisons is impossible to find out, and US authorities will not discuss whether illegal methods are being used or not in these prisons.

The Washington Post writes that at least 30 of the most prominent terrorist prisoners, including al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaida, will be sitting in these prisons, completely without contact with the outside world. Another one who will sit in such a prison is Ramzi Binalshibh.

There should be at least five such prisons, several of which will be in Europe, according to the Washington Post. A similar prison in Thailand was closed by the authorities. Since then, the relationship between the United States and Thailand has become considerably cooler. This experience should have made the White House do everything possible to prevent it from coming out who they cooperate with in Europs, writes the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Human Rights Watch in New York, announced last Thursday that they are holding evidence at the CIA has transported suspected terrorists from Afghanistan to Szymany airport in Poland and the Kogalniceanu base in Romania.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are closely monitoring these prisoner transports, and they have on several occasions revealed that the CIA has transported prisoners over large stretches.

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