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Cyber-Islam galaxy

With new satellite channels, more women are emerging in the Muslim world.

[Chronicle] According to Fatima Mernissi's report "The Satellite, the Prince and Scheherazad", women's participation as communicators has increased markedly, as a result of the digitalisation of the Muslim world. Fatima Mernissi is a researcher, professor of sociology at the University of Rabat, a feminist and author of numerous books, several of which have been published in Swedish. She has studied what is expressed on the new Arab satellite channels – whether and how the content of the programs changes the prevailing norms in society, what in Arabic is called Ummah, a word meaning "a group moving towards the same goal".

In his studies, Mernissi shows that the constantly ongoing conversation, on which Ummah rests, is now being conducted in prime time. She points out how the framework for civil society is changing in line with the offer on television, that it is the programs on the new satellite channels that question and challenge the norms in society.

Egyptian women's liberation.

The issues addressed in the programs are about everything from gender and religion to the political rights of minorities. What was once classified as offspring, now appears as smaller offspring. Malaysia, for example, which has previously had a marginal status in the Muslim sphere, both geographically and politically, has. . .

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