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When Professor Arne Næs and I

The story of a Norwegian non-violent action


Orientering No. 29, 1965

It has been a few years since Professor Næs and I took NATO. When I have not published the company before, it is because a publication at that time could have had unpleasant consequences for the subordinates involved in the case. Today, however, several years later, one must expect that no one will be harmed by it.

It began as harmlessly as imaginable: Arne Næs and I had planned a weekend at his cabin at Kolsås. We provisioned independently of each other, and met on the Kolsås railway, where it turned out that one of us had purchased a box of Russian crab as well as a box of caviar from the same excellent country.

"Now we only eat between meals!"

After a while he thought, "Do you have white wine?" He said.

It turned out that I had not thought about it; possibly I had assumed he had taken it with him. Both had assumed that the other had. . .

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