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They prioritize abroad

What do the artist Marion Raven, the serial creator Jason and the playwright Jon Fosse have in common? They give priority to foreign countries, so Norway has to wait for their new work.


Autumn's cultural launches are in full swing, and last week pop star Marion Raven dominated Norwegian media on the occasion of the release of the solo debut Here I Am. The media blast was not as intense around comic creator John Arne "Jason" Sæterøy, but the album Let me show you something ... has already received brilliant reviews after it was released on Monday.

These two very different artists have something very special in common: The launches in Norway are only part of a larger global plan, and for both Norway comes second in line. Here I Am was released in six countries in Southeast Asia in early summer, while Let me show you something ... was released in Sweden and France as early as September last year. Only now they are published in their home country, and the story behind is a good example of the globalization of the cultural market.

International star

Marion Ravn and Marit Larsen from Lørenskog became global pop stars with the duo M2M. This summer, Ravn will be launched as the solo artist Marion Raven in Southeast Asia, Scandinavia and Mexico through the American record company Atlantic Records – which in turn is owned by the giant company Warner. And it was the Asia launch that was the first priority.

- This is not common in the Norwegian record industry, but here it is Warner in the US, not us, who decides. . .

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