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The red-green dilemma

The promises in the Soria Moria Declaration cannot be fulfilled.

[economy] In the Soria Moria Declaration, the governments parties Ap, Sp and SV promised extensive development of the welfare state, significantly lower unemployment, continued membership in the EEA, and that the tax level should not be higher than in 2004. It is impossible to fulfill all these promises.

A step further from the Holden Committee. The Holden Committee consisted of economists and representatives of business and public administration. It was appointed by the government, and in June 2001 submitted a report advising the authorities on what policy they should pursue.

The committee took it for granted that there would still be a large degree of free flow of capital between the industrialized countries, and drew the following main conclusion: "Norway must appear as an attractive country for locating business". The reasoning is as follows: In all industrialized countries, many jobs are created every year. If a country is to avoid rising unemployment, it must therefore also be created. . .

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