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The US Embassy


Jan Borgen asks in Ny Tid 7.10 about the majority in SV's city council group has understood the seriousness when we do not want to vote to add the American embassy to the free area at Huseby. We have understood the seriousness, but will not hide that this is a difficult case. The entire SV city council group wants to move the embassy from Drammensveien. However, we believe that it is not insignificant where the new embassy is located, and can not accept that the Americans' only alternative in Oslo and the surrounding area is to build on a 40-acre recreation area at Huseby. The relocation of the American embassy must take place in such a way that the current security problems are solved without new and other inconveniences arising. Then locating to Huseby is not the answer.

SV always has placed great emphasis on preserving the city's recreational areas and green lungs, not least for the sake of children. . .

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